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Coffee Houses in the 17th Century

coffee houses quote

“Coffee house: the sanctuary of health, the nursery of temperance, the delight of frugality, an academy of civility, and a free school of ingenuity.”

– Coffee Houses Vindicated, 1675

Source: Idea: Family Commonplace Book, by Jane Marsh


On Saturday leisure, surfing the Web in 2013, and crime

I love Saturday — the day God rested. I especially love Saturday mornings (except those rare occasions when I don’t finish my work Friday [1]). I have time to sleep in a little, brew some coffee, and drink it slowly while I surf the Web.

I still had dial-up Internet in 2003. Wifi at home was rare. Wifi in coffee shops was relatively new. I would lug a heavy notebook computer to our local, progressive coffee shop [2] and plug in a PCMCIA wifi card to surf.  This is my second week of decent broadband. [3] When I’m feeling especially leisurely, I sit at the kitchen table and surf from my iPad. I was feeling a little more ambitious today and didn’t want to settle for an under-powered platform, so I went all-out sitting in my office at my desktop. [4]

That’s the setup for this blog post. I’m sitting here diddling around, and I notice these two tweets, one after another in my stream, two minutes apart:

@CambridgePolice 11:55 [EDT] Report of possible ASSAULT IN PROGRESS at BROOKLINE ST & GREEN ST in #CambMA 10:05 AM [MDT]
@guru99com We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police. 10:03 AM [MDT]

So sad.

[1] The new normal in high-tech occasionally requires weekend work. But it’s still better than taking an axe in the leg for the king.
[2] Internet speed in 2006: 233kbps down / 253kbps up
[3] Thanks, Comcast, for XFINITY. I’m too cheap to buy the best speeds, but I was surprised to learn, while writing this post, that the New York Times (not Wall Street Journal? the irony!) recently feature this op-ed: “How the U.S. Got Broadband Right.” Makes me proud to be an American.
[4] See my old blog post, “The four levels of computing power.”