I was duped by a sophisticated scam. I’m embarrassed. But not too much. I don’t get duped by unsophisticated scams. This one was relatively harmless, which is why flags didn’t go up in my mind. Anyway, here’s my confession and story, followed by lessons learned.

Thursday I was surfing the web on my Chromebook. An official-looking window from claiming to be an Xfinity survey popped up in my browser. I’m an Xfinity / Comcast customer, and I jumped to the conclusion that Comcast was hijacking my browser, holding it hostage until I responded. Somehow I got it in my head that I had to take the survey before my internet connection would be released so I could surf. (I know, I know. Stupid. And shame on me for not giving Comcast more credit. Their customer support has gotten better year after year. After talking with Tier 2 support out of their Philadelphia security office, I won’t make that mistake again. Anyway…) I played along and stayed in my stupor because no flags went off in my head right away. I wasn’t asked for private information. I remember answering that I was male, and maybe I answered my age category. The other questions were related to Xfinity service. A flag only went off at the end of the survey. That’s when I did take screenshots (see the third lesson below.

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