Summary of Changes to Apple iTunes Terms

I keep my own copies of terms, privacy policies, etc. Tonight I compared the 2013 Apple iTunes Terms of Service [1] with 2014 [2]. Here’s a summary. (Googling returned no results of anyone else talking about this.) I’m not going to waste time commenting on any of this. Here are bullet items. Look at the terms for yourself to see details, and make up your own mind about what to thing.

  • entirely new: Family Sharing
  • entirely new: App Bundles
  • auto-download of movies or TV shows no longer supported
  • added disclaimer about medical information in App Store Products and External Services
  • decoupled Genius privacy from Location Services and Popular Near Me
  • expanded tentacles to include all “Genius-enabled” devices
  • talks about “accessing” and “acquiring” content
  • replaces some talk about “purchases” with “transactions”
  • covers iTune codes
  • cleaned up URLs so all but one use https


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