First Impressions of WordPress and How I Use It

As I implied in my first post, I miss Posterous. Before that, I blogged at LiveJournal (LJ) [1]. It got very spammy. I had to delete most of the comments. It’s been better lately. (In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had to delete spam, but that’s probably owing as much to my inactivity there for five years as any improvements they’ve made.) I chose WordPress (WP) because I got very good vibes here, even before I created my blog. The platform feels more modern than LJ.

Now that I’ve re-launched my blog, I see that WP has something in common with LJ: Community. Again, it’s my first impression, but it seems to me WP is more than a blogging platform. People actually reed each other’s blogs. You can see that I haven’t chosen my blogroll yet. I may never populate it. [2] And so to my WP reeders I say: Thank you! Thanks for following. Thanks for liking my posts. If I don’t click the like button on your posts, or follow you, or add you to my blogroll, please don’t take offense. I never used LJ that way. (I tried once, with a friend from work, but the friendship fizzled.)

Let me explain up front how I intend to use WP. This is where I publish writing that I want to stand out, in contrast with my Google+ (G+) or public Facebook (FB) posts. Maybe I’m not the kind of blogger you’ve encountered before, though. I write here, but I interact mostly elsewhere. I use Twitter the most of all. [3] I prefer G+ over FB, but I agree that it has earned its reputation: G+ is more geeky than FB. To prove it, I’ll add this geeky comment: G+ has a higher signal-to-noise ratio than FB. Yet I don’t spend enough time on G+, and I spend too much time on FB. I don’t check FB every day, but that’s where most of my real-life friends hang out — even my geek friends — and so that’s where I go to see what they’re up to. Come to think of it, I recommend Julie as a model of how it all works. [2] If you want to build a blogger relationship with me, write a comment, or mention or DM me on Twitter.

[2] Though I’ll take this opportunity to plug my friend Julie’s blog:
[3] Follow me at and tell me you found my stream via WP. If I don’t follow you back, at least I’ll tell you why. (That’s more feedback than I give most random followers.)

2 thoughts on “First Impressions of WordPress and How I Use It”

  1. I think you’ll find the spammers will make an attempt to “comment” on your posts, but I find the spam filters work pretty well. What I don’t care for are the “followers” that follow your blog and only appear to do so for spam purposes (to get you to click on their profiles, I suppose). I wish I could figure out a way to dump them manually.

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    1. To adapt a quote by Oscar Wilde, the only thing worse than being followed by spammers is not being followed at all. I see the same thing on Twitter, but I see no downside. Everyone’s stats are skewed, so I’d like mine skewed by the same amount. The comment moderation here at WP is fine for keeping out the riffraff, spammers, and trolls. So far so good!


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