Rebooting my blog

I started blogging before the word was invented [1]. I liked Posterous, but Twitter shut it down. That’s the site I was using as I began to develop my writing voice more fully [3]. Since Posterous shut down, I’ve felt as if I didn’t have the right to write because I had nowhere to publish my writing. I microblog [4] more than I blog, but sometimes I want to use more than 140 characters. Today I realized I already created an account at WordPress, but I hadn’t activated my blog. I prefer tbc [5], but tbc0 matches my Twitter ID [4]. So here we are.

I like the Google results for “The Right to Write” [6]. I haven’t red Julia Cameron’s book of the same name, but I follow her on Twitter. The deal for my blog title was sealed after I skimmed William Zissner’s essay. As an added bonus, he wrote it for The American Scholar, which is a publication I admire. [7]

As for my theme. I like oranges [8],[9]. I’ve decided that as far as the Web is concerned, my favorite color is orange. If you ask me in person I might answer differently. It will at least be an answer with more texture.

P.S. The word “read” annoys me. It trips up my mind trying to decide how to pronounce it, which is why I prefer to spell the past tense “red” and the present tense “reed.” “It’s a d— poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word.” – Andrew Jackson

Update 2014-04-05. I said my “how I blog” post was dated. I refreshed it and edited this post so it reads accurately. See [2]. I implied my theme was orange, which it was [9].

[9] Twenty Thirteen Theme


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